Monday, October 23, 2006


What makes it possible to respond to the creative impulse? Truth be told, it feels like this is throbbing inside me more or less all the time -- except when it's not and i feel more hollow than the space around which the dryest of autumn leaves is curled. And, yet, how many times have i sat down on my stool picked up my guitar and worked at right hand exercises instead of playing what is singing in my body, in my blood?

Last night, during practice, i relaxed into the urge to play. i let go of whatever compulsions reign over my time with the guitar and just played whatever came. Eventually, some clear themes began to emerge and i found myself able to respond. It was time to go back up to familial responsibilities before i knew it.

Stani and i went for a walk in the darkened and cooling evening -- something we have been out of the habit of doing. Then, as i gave her a foot rub, i kept the core melody alive in my head. When it was her bedtime, i kissed her and went downstairs.

i could feel that a gallstone attack was coming on. Eventually, i took two advil and propped myself at the computer to transcribe the melody and arpeggio i had heard during practice. While i waited in fear to see if the race between the relaxation effect of the advil and the constriction caused by the stone blocking the passage would end up with me in the emergency room again, i heard the next part of the melody. The chords of the third section came right on its heels and then the chords underneath the second section were easy to spot.

The melody line of the third section was a little elusive. It took some time to get it as simple as it needed to be, to pare it down to what was necessary. Then, because of my limited skill with musical notation, i had to transcribe and retranscribe the line several times before what was in the score matched what i was playing.

As for the title... well, we were positively drenched in the most magical of autumn sunlights, yesterday... and during these gallstone attacks i have often been drenched in sweat... but, honestly, i was thinking of another drenching, entirely... ;-)

Click here for the score, and here for the m4a file.


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